"Resolute System Technology” is the innovative new creation from Sixton Peak. The safety shoe that provides the very best smart cushioning!

The Sixton Peak, Resolute System Technology concept was developed with our English partner D3O®. It has been tested in collaboration with the University of Padua’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, and in the Sixton Peak research and development department.

System Technology

The use of the insert with patented D3O® material, together with Dynamic Control and Stabil Active, brings benefits never experienced before in the biomechanics of walking and dynamic foot support.


Absorbs and dissipates energy During the walk. Reduces load peaks on the heel with an absorption of a good 300 newton.

Dynamic Control

Ergonomic rigid internal support. It accommodates the heel, adjusts the way your foot rests on the ground and controls the sideways movement of the ankle. Holds the footwear tightly on the foot and prevents the annoying slipping off feeling.

Stabil Active

The rigid plastic support inserted into the sole beneath the heel and waist provides greater stability and support of the arch, consequently improving foot posture.

The Resolute footwear concept was developed by the Sixton Peak® R&D team in collaboration with its English partner D3O®, which specializes in high-performance impact protection solutions and collaborates with the best companies and brands in the world. It is at the forefront in the development of highly efficient protective components for many sectors, and now with Sixton Peak® also in the safety footwear sector.

The new Sixton Peak® Resolute project has been tested in collaboration with the University of Padua - Department of Industrial Engineering (Sport Analysis and Rehabilitation), and at the Sixton Peak® research and development laboratory.

Stability and cushioning are enhanced by the synergy of StabilActive and DynamicControl and by the particularly effective insert in D3O material.

Light, sober shoes with technical materials. Also in ESD versions and with dielectric sole.

Impact, stability and resistance to stress, all under control.

D3O® is located inside the sole, in the heel area. It helps reduce impacts throughout the day, protects the heels and saves the joints from stress.

Sixton Resolute the safety shoe that provides the very best smart cushioning!

The adoption of the insert with material studied in collaboration with D3O® and designed in its final form in the Sixton Peak® R&D laboratories in combination with the elements: DynamicHCcontrol and StabilActive bring never experienced before benefits, in the biomechanics of walking and dynamic foot support:

  1. Reduces load peaks on the heel;
  2. Less overload in all the lower limbs up to the spine;
  3. Increased stability of the support surface;
  4. Less feeling of fatigue;
  5. High durability of the shoe’s biomechanical properties.

Researchers were able to define the real benefits of Sixton Peak® Resolute D3O® footwear by comparing them with other important world brands of safety footwear. The excellent and extraordinary results are now available to all users who want to know, experience and share the unique and real advantages.

Soft and flexible material

Absorbs and dissipates impact energy

Returns to flexible state

Cushioning and dispersion with each movement

Resolute Lab Test

The real benefits of the Resolute safety shoe are achieved through a synergy of:

  • the insert in "D3O®" material;
  • the "Dynamic HC control" protection element;
  • and the "StabilActive" support.

The footwear has been both in vivo and laboratory tested, and compared with other major world brands of safety footwear.

The three tests carried out were cushioning, durability and stability, and these have yielded excellent results, ensuring outstanding foot and postural comfort for the user!

  • The first laboratory test analysed Cushioning and demonstrates the ability of the D3O® insert in the shoe midsole to reduce peaks in impact forces on the heel, ankle bone and tibia and on the whole leg during an impact.

    • The D3O® insert is a dynamic protection, comprising a combination of polymers and cutting-edge technology, which has already been successfully used in highly-effective protection components for the motorcycle, military, and safety equipment sectors!
    • D3O® is SOFT and FLEXIBLE ensuring comfort and long-lasting performance whatever the use. It absorbs and dissipates energy, even when heavily stressed, offering more advanced impact protection than protection provided by other "standard foams".

    The Cushioning test analysed the ability to reduce load peaks on the heel:

    • while walking;
    • while descending a ramp or ladder;
    • or when lifting weights.

    At each step we take, our heel strikes a surface, and we receive an upwards force which can reach quite high values!!

    • The in-vivo test was able to evaluate the dynamic performance of the "Resolute" safety shoe. It showed the beneficial effects on the biomechanics of the foot, and reduced load peaks transmitted to the joints, as demonstrated by the university data;
    • The greater energy absorption of the Resolute shoe with D3O® appears to be a good 300 Newtons!! Over 30% more than other shoes.

    Cushioning + 30%!

  • The second factor analysed in the laboratory was the durability of the D3O® insert over time and the dimensional stability and performance of the sole and all its parts.

    We stressed the heel area by simulating 8 hours of work for 224 working days with an applied force of 120 kg.

    The results show that the stiffness and energy absorption properties of the shoe when new remain unchanged over time and that none of these initial characteristics are lost. This ensures that the quality and the benefit to the user's foot remains unchanged day after day.

    Resolute System Technology with the D3O® insert doesn’t deform, and the performance remains the same for the entire lifetime of the shoe.

    Day after day Resolute footwear doesn’t deform and its original mechanical and biomechanical properties remain unchanged, meaning less risk of microtraumas or foot injuries.

    Durability 100%!

  • In the last test, the STABILITY of the Resolute System Technology shoe was in-vivo tested on both longitudinal and lateral planes during the foot strike and push off phases. When we walk, lateral and transversal oscillations can be generated, both during initial foot strike and the final push off phase.

    Quando camminiamo, si possono generare delle oscillazioni laterali e trasversali, sia nella fase di primo appoggio che di spinta finale.

    By combining the technologies:

    • Protected by D3O;
    • DynamicHCcontrol;
    • and StabilActive;

    dynamic stability is achieved to perfection!

    The three technologies combined in the Sixton Peak Resolute footwear:

    • ensure protection and comfort during all natural movements of the foot;
    • and offer maximum protection to those areas of the foot that receive the most stress, such as the heel, ankle and forefoot!

    Using a Motion Capture infrared system, the kinematics of the lower limbs was assessed, by detecting the ankle’s axis angle with respect to vertical during the various test phases.

    In particular, the angle of foot inversion and eversion of the Resolute System Technology footwear ensures excellent dynamic stability during foot strike.

    Resolute ensures maximum postural control, and maximum dynamic stability!

    The statistical analysis of the data highlights:

    • a more gradual energy absorption during the various phases of the gait cycle and the dynamic stabilization of the ankle and the limbs in all the tests.
    • a reduced risk of foot eversion and inversion;
    • greater symmetry of plantar loads and balance when the body’s centre of gravity shifts.

    Resolute System Technology Footwear responds anytime and anywhere with maximum stability ... up to 50% more!!

    Stability +50%!!

Protected by D3O®

The D3O® insert is a dynamic protection, comprising a combination of polymers and cutting-edge technology, which has already been successfully used in highly-effective protection components for the motorcycle, military, and safety equipment sectors!







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